Galileo Teaser/Main Theme Pro7

Jupiter Awards CINEMA Theme 2018

Inside out Tokio BBC Films

The new Audi Q7 / 2017 (produced in 7.1 Surround)

Cancom Image Video

Fairy Tale HISTORY Channel

Trailer Ningbo China Multimedia Show

Scream Cinema Trailer

Don Luigi RAI TV

Autumn in Paris

Cat on a hot tin roof

Disneyland Paris Intro

Family Album

Santa Fe

The Chamber


Welcome home Soldier

Creme de la Chrome

Dear Mr. Capote

If 7 was 4, well… 6 could be 9

Modern Spy

Sleepwalking in Singapore

Still dead

Streets of Istanbul

The Melancholy of Death


Yet another spy

AIDA Christening Song of Aida Perla

Smells like Christmas